Kneading You

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Aromatherapy is the practice of using oils extracted from plants to enhance psychological and physical well-being.  The oils are administered topically, aromatically, or orally.

How essential oils work (more than just a nice aroma).
Before modern medicine, we used plants for their powerful healing effects on the body. Pharmaceutical companies went into business by using synthetic forms of plants. Synthetic meaning they're made by CHEMICAL synthesis and are toxic to the body.
Everything we inhale, ingest, and apply to our skin find its way to our blood stream and the therapeutic compounds in oils are small enough to easily pass through cell walls, which means the healing properties in oils are working on a cellular level.
Essential oils can be used in chemical free cleaning, skin care, bug repellent, cooking and can also aid in the treatment of acne, muscle aches and pains, allergies, athlete's foot, diabetes, and much more!

Depending on what the purpose of the massage is, we incorporate one of six different oil blend to help you reach your goal.


Love essential oils? Try our aromadome, its a nice add on to any service. Essential oil is diffused into a dome tent, which is placed over the client while lying on the massage table, in 3 minute increments . Oil choice depends on the physical, emotion, and spiritual needs of the client.